Growing Economy

The economy of Cyprus is growing at an impressive rate for a country of its size.

Stable Environment

With a Mediterranean climate and one of the lowest crime rates in the world, Cyprus is the definition of a stable environment.

Low Taxes

Foreign business owners can look forward to a slew of tax cuts if they relocate to the island.

Strategic Location

Cyprus is ideally located in the crossroads of 3 continents: Europe, Asia and Africa.

Cyprus, the ideal investment hub


Properties in Cyprus for Sale

Properties in Cyprus are in exceptionally high demand.

Whether it is the mild Mediterranean climate free from the harsh winters of northern Europe, the island’s perfect location close to major European, Middle Eastern and African cities or the dreamy landscape that combines mountainous terrain with the azure waters of the sea, properties in Cyprus draw many international High Net Worth Individuals.

Permanent Residency in Cyprus

By investing a minimum of €300,000 on property in Cyprus, foreign nationals who do not originate from a European Union member state can gain a Residence Permit as well as permanent residency rights in Cyprus for themselves and their family members, valid for life.

A highly efficient process that can be completed within 2 months and a very high approval rate should all necessary criteria be met makes Cyprus’ Permanent Residency Program one of Europe’s most desirable Golden Visa programmes.


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