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Properties in Cyprus are in exceptionally high demand.
This surge in interest is attributed to a variety of factors. The mild Mediterranean climate, free from the harsh winters of northern Europe, is a significant draw. Additionally, the island’s ideal location, situated conveniently close to major European, Middle Eastern, and African cities, enhances its appeal. The allure of Cyprus is further magnified by its captivating landscape, which beautifully melds mountainous terrain with the azure waters of the sea. Consequently, real estate agencies in Paphos and Peyia are witnessing a growing number of international High Net Worth Individuals seeking properties in these idyllic locations.

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Investing a minimum of €300,000 in property in Cyprus, particularly in areas like Paphos and Peyia, offers foreign nationals from non-European Union member states the opportunity to gain a Residence Permit, along with permanent residency rights in Cyprus for themselves and their family members, valid for life. This investment not only opens doors to the scenic beauty and tranquility of regions like Peyia and the historical richness of Paphos but also secures a stable future in Cyprus.

The process for obtaining this residency is highly efficient, often completed within just 2 months, and boasts a very high approval rate, provided all necessary criteria are met. This efficiency and reliability make Cyprus’ Permanent Residency Program, especially in real estate agencies in Paphos and Peyia, one of Europe’s most desirable Golden Visa programmes, attracting a global audience to these prime locations.

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