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Coral Blu Estates

A wide selection of premium properties in the picturesque European island of Cyprus, with a vast selection of homes sure to satisfy everyone’s taste! Whether you wish for a beach house, a mountain cabin or a country-home, we have it all.

Our Vision

We aim to house all real estate needs a property owner may have under one roof, becoming a wealth and real estate management partner you can trust. We believe in maximizing our clients' profit and convenience simultaneously.

One Stop Shop for Investors

At Coral Blu Real Estate Agent, we offer all the services a property owner needs so as to avoid inconveniencing you. We strive to ensure that your experience as a property owner in Cyprus is as seamless and fruitful as can be.

This is why we took it upon ourselves to offer a multitude of services including wealth and property management,  property surveyance, property rentals and investments in the real estate market of Cyprus.


Invest in Real Estate

Long stretches of sandy, sunny and serene beaches, reasonably priced property: Investing in Cyprus’ real estate sector is an opportunity many High-Net-Worth Individuals do not allow to pass them by.

Rent a Property

With an irresistibly high return on investment and a thriving holiday rental market as well as a reputation as a top holiday destination, renting a property in Cyprus is an extremely lucrative venture that grants any investor a sizeable profit.

Property Survey

A property survey is an essential aspect of purchasing a new property so your property and plot boundaries can accurately be determined. To ensure our clients’ utmost convenience and ease of mind, we offer property surveying services.


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