Securing an employee permit in Cyprus is a pivotal step for individuals aiming to blend their professional endeavours with the prospect of becoming permanent residents. In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the comprehensive process of obtaining an employee permit, unravelling the intricacies, eligibility criteria, and essential steps involved.

Employee Permit Approval

Employee Permit Requirements

You will need to provide the following documentation to be approved for an employee permit in Cyprus.

  • An up-to-date and valid passport is a prerequisite.
  • Ensure the validity of your Cyprus work visa within the specified expiry date.
  • Provide a valid employment contract established in Cyprus.
  • Submission of completed application forms by the employer is mandatory.
  • Complete and sign the Temporary Residence application form (MVIS3).
  • Obtain a tax clearance certificate from your employer.
  • Furnish details and provide proof of your accommodation arrangement in Cyprus.
  • Demonstrate evidence of sufficient financial savings to cover living expenses.
  • Present a recent medical certificate verifying the absence of specific illnesses, such as TB, Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, or syphilis (issued within the last 4 months).
  • Submit a certificate of a criminal background check, valid within the last 6 months.
  • Provide medical certificates attesting to your overall good health.
  • Display evidence of having health insurance.
  • Include a bank statement affirming the capability to cover the application fee.
  • If necessary, provide a bank guarantee as stipulated by the requirements.

Application Procedure

Commence the initial application process while the foreign national is still residing in their home country. The Cyprus Department of Labour typically requires the Cypriot employer to submit the following documents.

  • Completed and signed application form M58 by the employer, endorsed by CDL.
  • Application form M64, duly completed and signed by the employer, with CDL stamp.
  • A copy of the passport, ensuring its expiration date extends at least until the anticipated employment duration.
  • Employment contract validated by the requisite commissioners, labor offices, and the Department of Labor.
  • Original clean criminal record certificate for police checks, authenticated through diplomatic channels. Translation into English in Cyprus, facilitated by entities like PIO, is obligatory.
  • Recent medical certificates, not exceeding 4 months, indicating negative results for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS, and syphilis. Translation into English, as specified above, is required.
  • A Bank Guarantee ranging from €350 to €850, contingent on the home country. Validity must extend at least 12 months beyond the expected employment period.
  • Tax clearance, including a list of both existing and new employees of the company. If deemed necessary, a Tax Clearance Certificate issued by the Internal Revenue Department is mandatory.
  • Submission of audited financial statements from the previous year, if applicable, along with the auditor’s report assessing the company’s viability.

After receiving a recommendation letter from the Labour Department, employers can proceed to submit their application to the Civil Registry and Migration Department.

The evaluation of the Cyprus work permit application usually occurs within 4 to 6 weeks after it’s submitted, though the timeline can stretch to as long as 6 months. Standard work visas are generally sanctioned for a period of four years, whereas visas for tasks linked to agricultural farming are granted for up to six years.

There are some exemptions from the 4-year limit for the following employees:

  • Athletes competing individually or as part of a team, as well as coaches supporting them.
  • Artists specializing in religious themes and icon painters following a faith-based approach.
  • Proficient individuals engaged in roles within companies experiencing substantial revenue, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. Work activities should align with the economic development priorities outlined by the Cypriot government.
  • Individuals in leadership roles, executive positions, middle management, and key staff members operating in companies involved in international business activities, commonly known as international business companies.

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