Permanent Residency in Cyprus

Purchasing a property in Cyprus valued at a minimum of €300,000 grants foreign nationals and their family who originate from a non-European Union nation with the opportunity to become eligible for a Permanent Residency Permit in Cyprus. Permanent residency in Cyprus is valid for life as long as holders maintain their property and continue to meet the necessary criteria.

An Efficient Process

If successful, applicants will receive their Permanent Residency Card within the incredibly short period of 2 months, making Cyprus’ Golden Visa scheme one of the best fast-track and most coveted permanent residency schemes in all of Europe.  

Successful applicants do not need to reside in Cyprus for the renewal of their Permanent Residence card.

Innumerable Benefits

There are countless advantages to holding a Permanent Residence card in Cyprus, as the country is a member state of the European Union. This means that holders of a Cypriot Permanent Residence Card have ease of travel throughout the European Union.

Furthermore, within their application, candidates can also include:

  • Family members including financially dependent adult children below the age of 25
  • Their parents
  • Spouse’s parents

Path to Citizenship in Cyprus

Although the Cyprus Investment Program ended last year, foreign non-EU nationals can still obtain Cypriot citizenship through Cyprus’ Permanent Residency Programme. Following a successful Permanent Residence application and seven years of uninterrupted residence on the island, permanent residents in Cyprus will be granted a Cypriot passport.