Investing in Cyprus property in 2021 is a very profitable venture that provides countless benefits.

Premium Properties, Competitive Prices

Cyprus offers an enticing selection of properties at competitive prices, especially when compared to other European Mediterranean regions in Greece, Spain, France and Italy.

Additionally, following the ongoing global pandemic, property prices have dropped considerably, making 2021 the ideal time to invest in a property in Cyprus.

Golden Visa

Although the Cyprus Investment Programme ended in late November last year, the Cyprus Permanent Residence Programme is still ongoing. By investing a minimum of €300,000 on a property in Cyprus, an individual could become eligible for a Permanent Residency Card in Cyprus, granting them a lifetime of permanent residency rights on the island as well as ease of travel throughout the European Union. Holders of a Permanent Residence Card in Cyprus could even be granted citizenship in Cyprus following 7 years of continued permanent residence.

Irresistibly High Return on Investment

As one of the premier tourist destinations worldwide, Cyprus sees a plethora of tourists visit the island every year. The number of tourists often exceeds the country’s population by a sizeable margin, a testament to the Mediterranean island’s powerhouse tourist sector.

With millions of tourists visiting every year and a rapidly growing global holiday rental market, a property owner in Cyprus could easily opt to rent their property whilst they and their loved ones are not enjoying it. This could turn out an enviable revenue and an irresistibly high return on investment, as holidaymakers seek alternatives to the typical holiday stay.