Coral Blu Estates, your premier real estate agency in the heart of Paphos, Peyia. At Coral Blu Estates, we are more than just assistants in buying or selling properties. We are your dedicated partners in wealth and estate management. Our mission is simple yet wise: to elevate your real estate experience beyond the transactional, ensuring maximum profitability and ease every step of the way.

Choosing Coral Blu Estates means entering into a partnership where your property aspirations are our priority. We don’t just help you find a house, we are committed to turning your property journey into an exceptional adventure, filled with opportunities without complexities.

Our Values

With Coral Blu Estates, you are choosing safety, reliability, and a scam-free path to your real estate goals. Our core values of integrity, transparency, and excellence guide us in every interaction, ensuring that your journey with us is not only successful but also enriching.

Our slogans, “All your real estate needs, under one roof” and “No value to you, no fee to us,” are more than catchy phrases, they are our pledge to you. These lines capture everything we stand for at Coral Blu Estates.

When we say “All your real estate needs, under one roof,” we mean it. From the moment you start your search for the perfect property to the day you make it your own, and even beyond, we are with you. We streamline the process, making sure you don’t need to go anywhere else for your real estate journey. It’s about making things easier for you, so you can focus on what matters most—finding your dream home or investment.

And “No value to you, no fee to us”? It’s our commitment to fairness and transparency. We believe our success should only come from delivering real value to our clients. If you don’t benefit from our services, we don’t expect to be paid. It’s that straightforward. This philosophy ensures that we work diligently to meet your needs, focusing on providing value and exceeding your expectations every step of the way. These aren’t just words to us. They are the foundation of how we serve you every day.

Our One-Stop Shop for Real Estate Services

Why run around trying to juggle multiple contacts for different needs? Coral Blu Estates offers everything you need to buy, sell, and manage property, all in one place. Our services include:

  • Buying Properties: Find your dream home or the perfect investment property in Paphos and all over Cyprus with our expert guidance.
  • Selling Properties: We will help you sell your property quickly, at the best price, with minimal hassle.
  • Investments: Looking to invest in real estate? We provide insights and opportunities that match your goals.
  • Legal Assistance: Navigate the complexities of real estate transactions with confidence, thanks to our expert legal advice.
  • Tax Services: Don’t let taxes stress you out. We are here to help with all your property-related tax needs.
  • Valuations: Get accurate and fair property valuations to guide your buying or selling decisions.
  • Wealth Management: Our holistic approach ensures your real estate decisions contribute positively to your overall financial health.
  • Smart Homes: Embrace the future with smart home solutions that offer convenience, security, and efficiency.

With Coral Blu Estates, you are not just finding a property, you are getting a full suite of services designed to make your real estate experience rewarding and hassle-free.

The process of becoming a real estate agent in Cyprus

Who is eligible?

To become a real estate agent in Cyprus and eventually start your own real estate agency, there are several steps and requirements that need to be followed. The process involves education, obtaining a license, gaining experience, and fulfilling legal and business setup requirements.

Any physical person who meets the requirements set out by the Council of Real Estate Agents is qualified to register with the Register of Real Estate Agents. Those requirements are as follows:

  • Has to be a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus or any other EU member state.
  • Has to be exempt from bankruptcy or any other legal restrictions imposed by laws or court rulings.
  • Has not been found guilty of any crimes involving dishonesty or moral indecency, and in the event that they have, they have been reinstated in accordance with the relevant laws’ provisions.
  • Has completed a minimum of three years of coursework to earn a recognized diploma, degree, or title in a real estate-related subject from a university or professional organization. After that, the person has gained experience in Cyprus by working as a real estate agent for at least a year while holding the position of deputy real estate agent. Furthermore, if someone have a master’s degree or title from at least one year of study in a real estate-related subject.
  • Possesses the essential understanding of the Republic of Cyprus’s town planning and real estate laws to properly and responsibly practice their job as real estate agents.

Application Process

A physical person must apply to be registered in the Real Estate Agents Register electronically via the website of the relevant authority or by mail or hand delivery to the relevant body. The following certificates must be submitted for the application:

  • Copy of the person’s identity card or passport.
  • Copy of the person’s secondary education certificate
  • Copy of the person’s degrees or diplomas that are related to the field of real estate agents.
  • Copy of 2 recent photographs.
  • Take an original certificate of clear criminal record from the police, as long as an original certificate of non-bankruptcy.
  • A recent copy that states the earnings of the individual.
  • A copy of the payment receipt of the application fee which is €100.
Application Process

A Registered Real Estate Agency

At Coral Blu Estates, we pride ourselves on being a trusted and legitimate real estate agency located in the picturesque region of Paphos, Peyia. Understanding the importance of trust and security in real estate transactions, we are proud to affirm our official registration and active standing as a recognized real estate agency.

To further our commitment to transparency and reliability, we are listed on, a prestigious online platform featuring only registered real estate agencies in Cyprus. This platform serves as a crucial tool for clients and partners alike. It offers peace of mind by enabling the verification of our registration and licensing status. By being part of this exclusive list, Coral Blu Estates demonstrates adherence to the strict standards and regulations governing real estate practices in Cyprus.

For anyone looking to engage in real estate transactions, provides a valuable resource to check for legitimate agencies. Thus avoiding potential scams. It’s an essential step in ensuring that you’re working with a reputable and legally compliant agency, like Coral Blu Estates. This verification process not only enhances trust but also ensures that your property journey is safe, secure, and successful.

Choosing Coral Blu Estates means partnering with an agency that values integrity and professionalism. Our registration and presence on stand as a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional real estate services. Ensuring the utmost security and peace of mind for our clients.

Why is it important to choose a registered real estate agency

When it comes to navigating the complexities of the real estate market, the importance of partnering with a registered real estate agency cannot be overstated. Opting for a registered agency is not just a choice. It’s a pivotal decision that ensures safety, professionalism, and peace of mind throughout your property journey. Here’s why choosing a registered real estate agency like Coral Blu Estates is crucial.

Authenticity and Legality

Registered real estate agencies are recognized by regulatory bodies, affirming their authenticity and adherence to legal standards. This recognition ensures you are engaging with an agency that operates within the framework of the law. Thus, it ensures the monitoring and regulation of services for compliance and ethics.

Professionalism and Expertise

By choosing a registered agency, you benefit from a high level of professionalism and expertise. Registered agencies maintain a standard of service that includes continuous education. Adherence to a code of ethics, and a commitment to best practices in the real estate industry. This means you receive informed, up-to-date advice and support from professionals who are experts in their field.

Security and Peace of Mind

Working with a registered real estate agency significantly reduces the risks of scams and fraudulent activities. Such agencies undergo thorough vetting processes, ensuring they are trustworthy and financially stable. This vetting provides a layer of security for clients, safeguarding your investments and personal information throughout the transaction process.

Access to a Network of Verified Professionals

Partnering with a registered agency gives you access to a wide network of verified professionals, from legal experts to financial advisors. This network can be invaluable, providing assistance and advice that spans the entire spectrum of real estate transactions. From legal paperwork to financial planning.


Coral Blu Estates distinguishes itself as a premier real estate agency in Paphos, Peyia, through a deep commitment to personalized service and local expertise. Our team’s unparalleled knowledge of the region ensures that clients receive the most insightful and tailored advice. Thus catering specifically to their real estate needs and dreams. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a comprehensive suite of services, from property buying and selling to legal consultations, tax advice, and wealth management, all under one roof. This approach not only simplifies the real estate process for our clients but also ensures a seamless and stress-free experience, customized to their individual requirements.

At the heart of Coral Blu Estates lies a steadfast commitment to transparency, integrity, and innovation. Our clients trust us to act with honesty, communicate clearly, and prioritize their interests above all. We leverage the latest in technology and innovative solutions to enhance our service offering. That includes smart home technologies and cutting-edge marketing strategies for our listings.