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Valuations and Advisory 

A Measure of Worth

Every real estate buyer, seller, investor and financier is concerned with the value of a property. Our team can be your trusted advisor in this matter.

Explaining to a Client

Our Team

Our team and network is thoroughly experienced in preparing and advising regarding various real estate valuations. These valuations take place in accordance to our clients’ instructions, RICS and IFRS standards and guidelines.

Real Estate Teamwork

Our Accreditation/Memberships

Our company is a registered valued with ETEK. Reg. No 1067. Our team’s professional memberships include membership with RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Survey) and IPCAC (Institute of Public Certified Accountants of Cyprus).

Stamping a Paper

Importance of Valuations

Valuations and legal assistance are essential professional services needed in real estate which can easily be carried out by our professional and experienced team.

Valuation of a Property

Our Services

The core valuation services provided by our team include the following type of assets and areas.

Selling a House

Type of Assets

  • Real estate including villas, apartments, shops, offices, hotels, on-going developments, business real estate ventures.
  • Business including leases, rentals, investments, sale and lease back and options.
Purchasing an Asset

Type of Services

  • Legal and Statutory Valuations
  • Bank Financing or/and Mortgage
  • Tax Dispute Resolutions
  • International Financing Reporting Standards (IFRS)
Helping Clients in Real Estate

Purchase and Sales

We observe the market and access the latest market information and transactions, allowing us to provide up-to-date appraisals and reporting. An added value exercise for every serious transaction that is best carried out by professionals. Our team can advise, participate in and support you during negotiations.

Real Estate Market Updates

Real Estate/Business Assets

Real estate, beyond its residential purpose, forms an integral asset and income generation of most of today’s business. Nearly every business is using real estate to either generate income, to headquarter its employees to pledge as a security, to trade as stock or to hold for future development or profit.

Business Vision

Financial Statements

IFRS and financial statements require that professional, independent, or internal management appraisal and reporting be prepared.

The IFRS standards that are most applicable are:

  • IFRS 13 – Fair value measurements
  • IAS 16 – PPE – Owner occupied properties
  • IAS 17 – Leases – Leasehold Properties
  • IAS 40 – Investment Properties
Calculating Finance

Loan Security-Financing

While our main clients are banks, our services extend also to individual investors. These types of valuations can be prepared at the beginning of the financing process or thereafter either in verifying the value of the security of the progress of work in a project financing agreement.

Loan financing

Portfolio of Valuations

Our portfolio of valuations include:

  • Plots: in rural, residential and special zone areas.
  • Land: to be used for investment, development or special used purposes
  • Residential units: Individual units or part of wider investments
  • Specialised properties: hospitals, universities, student dormitory
  • Hotels and similar properties used in the leisure industry such as restaurants, bars
  • Golf courses and marina developments
Valuation of a Home

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